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Full Package [Nest Swing + Installation]

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Children playing, swinging and standing on an awesome Nest Swing
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Nest Swing:

  • A group-play nest biig swing for awesome garden and woodland fun.
  • For the whole family from kids to grand-parents.
  • Awesomely installed between trees with a luxuriously long pendulum.
  • Nest Swing consists of a steel ring covered with a cushioning membrane of 16mm USAcord long-life with steel threads
  • Nest Swing diameter is 1200mm


  • Anchor points in tree[s] and/or branches.
  • Attachment to tree using tested and certified green duplex webbing slings, proof load safety factor 7:1, safe working load 2T.
  • 3.25T blue pin fed spec alloy screw pin shackles, proof load 6.5T, safe working load 3.25T.
  • 20mm galvanised eye/eye tubular bodied rigging screws for in-line tensioning, c/w lock nuts, proof load 3T, safe working load 1.5T.
  • Attachment for horizontal and vertical steel cables with attachment to Nest Swing, 10mm steel cables, 7 strands, 19 wires per strand, tensile strength of wire - 1770N/mm2, load at which sample breaks 6.42T, safe working load 1.28T, standard - EN12385-4:2002.


  • Tree climber staff, with LOELER certificated climbing equipment.
  • Tree Climbing certificated and Aerial Rescue certificated.
  • Plus, groundsman.


  • Delivery, freight, travel, insurance and certification.
  • Employer, Public Liability and Product insurance.
  • ITC Outdoors First Aid certification.

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